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Have you ever thought about it - or felt it: What you have under your feet right now is not concrete, sturdy ground. No, you are standing, sitting, lying on a round ball, which is not sitting on some substantial ground itself, but only floating through dark nothingness. You are walking on the top surface of a giant ball, which is flying through vast space. Right now, at all times.
If you look at the picture above, shot from the moon, you might be just upside down in the dark area of the image. If you jump up high enough, maybe the earth moves with you when you hit the ground again - just a fraction of an atom. Imagine.
What separates you from the big black immense infinity is nothing but a millimeter of atmosphere (again, from the perspective of the moon). And yet, we walk through life all day, most people all their life long, without ever thinking, wondering about it. It's so obvious that we don't recognize the forest because all the trees are blinding our vision.
What does all this mean? To which questions do these recognitions lead to? What does it mean to you?
To give you some more inspiration, you could watch the following amazing, beautiful, mind-expanding and breathtaking videos, if you like in the order in which they are presented here:
To get some more inspiration, please follow the journey through the next links presented below:
The Planetary Collective is a group which promotes a paradigm shift in how we see and identify ourselves: from individual, member of a certain group or country, to being a human being on planet earth. In this moment, there are no differences any more to other people, we all identify ourselves as one. The first necessary step for this to happen, is to start seeing and recognizing our home, this planet, from outer space. The Planetary Collective made a wonderful short movie about this:
Don't miss it, it's wonderful.
They also made a full length documentary, which will be screened in March 2015. Here is a trailer:
Another aspect of our existence here, something that you can feel each minute if you put your attention there, is the most astounding fact of all:
What happens, if you take 200 million pictures of the sun, and put it into a time lapse? Something breathtakingly beautiful.
Have a look on the night sky through the eyes of the Hubble telescope, in the largest picture ever taken. Be aware, that all the grains in the photo are not noise, but each dot is a star, a planet, or a whole other galaxy far, far away.
How vast is it really, out there? See for yourself:
- A picture tour through the distances in the universe:
- A beautiful animation, zooming out from earth:
- A beautiful classic from 1977, on the Power of 10:
A vision of the future:
How do we get there? Possibly faster than light, since the Nasa is researching about warp drives, and a University Professor named David Pares from Omaha claims to have built one in his garage:
And who knows, probably parallel worlds exist, and maybe they even interact with our world:
I hope you enjoyed this article. If you know beautiful images, videos, or articles around the topic, please share them in the comments below!
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